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Why should we use food additives


From: Xinhua Network

Publish: Chinese Popular Science

Produce: Nutcracker Studio

Supervised: Computer network information center, Chinese academy of sciences

Peoples in Food Industry usually said: Food additives are the soul of food industry. Why? It is because the food additives are too much important in the food processing.

Maybe, peoples will ask “Why the food needs some other things?”

Actually, without the food additives, many of our favorite food will become cannot eat. For example, without emulsifier and thickener, the soft and smooth ice cream will become hard ice pop. Thanks to the antioxidant, the edible oil will not become rancid after opened for several days.


There are four purposes for food additives in food processing:

1. In order to maintain or improve nutritional value of food, such as vitamin C in concentrated fruit juice;

2. Improve the quality of food, such as antioxidant, with them, the home cooking oil will not getting clams only put a few days.

3. The improvement of food sensory characteristics, such as the emulsifier, thickener in ice cream, without them, ice cream will just like ice pop.

4. The convenience of food production and circulation, you see, with preservatives, can products to a circle around the earth all can't be bad.

Now every day we can buy all kinds of food in the supermarket, never worry about nothing to eat. But, you know? This largely attributed to food additives.


At present, there are about 2000 species of food additives approved for use in China. According to the function, it is divided into more than 20 categories. The most familiar itrem are preservatives, antioxidants, raising agent, perfume (essence), colorants (pigment) and so on, also not familiar item are processing aid based agent, rubber base of candy material, etc.

But here I will special introduce to you the "nutrition fortifier".

The function of nutrition fortifier is add food nutritional value.

A simple example: the variety of vitamins, minerals add in the infant formula milk powder, is the nutrition fortifier, they are able to meet the baby needed for healthy growth.

Have them now, thanks to the very special nutritional fortifiers, it has been point out from the "food additives", for other management.

In addition, speaking of food additives, a lot of people think that is the thing of a synthetic.

Actually not, in the approved use of more than 2000 kinds of food additives in our country, there are also many natural substances, for example, colorants of lycopene, perlite filter aid, and lavender essential oil.


Do tofus at home have to use "solidifier," either; brine and gypsum are food additives.

Do steamed bread should use baking soda, the traditional fried bread stick need use alum, these are food additives.

When you refused all food additives, you are basically rejected modern "food".

We have to evolve to the top of the food chain, and living in the 21st century with developed science and technology.

How should you refuse the modern food?


Guangzhou Kevin Food Co., Ltd.(Headquarters)

Tel: 86-20-82960091


Add:No.19, Jinhui Road, Licheng Street, Zengcheng,  Guangzhou City

Salesman Contacts: Feeny Zhu

Salesman Tel:86-20-82960091

Salesman Phone: 86-13580390171




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