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Kevin Food is a leading food manufacturer of emulsifiers and systems in China. With our strict production and quality management, we provide high-quality monoglycerides and stabilizer systems etc. As the sole agent of Jungbunzlauer in China, we provide the world's leading xanthan gum, citric acid and its salts and other world-class products for you.


We own multiple automatic controls, continuous distilled monoglycerides production line. We are using the DCS control system for strictly monitoring of the production process, the annual production of monoglycerides series products is about 30,000 tons. Our compound product workshop meet the requirements of GMP, the three-dimensional mixing process is used and the annual production of Stabilizer System is 10,000 tons.

 In the quality control system, to ensure product quality and supply chain continued safety, we strictly control the process from purchase raw materials to finished production and strive to high-quality, stable and secure. At the same time, our company also established a management system of lot tracing, improve management efficiency while also ensuring traceability of raw material products.





In terms of product packaging, by means of the configuration meets the requirements of API Standard 300 000 clean packaging area, to ensure products quality and meet the health requirements. For the product ware house, we adopt ventilation, anti-weight facilities to ensure products quality and stability.


In testing, the value we have 1.5 million detection and analysis equipment, comprising: a gas chromatograph, spectrophotometer, moisture analyzer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer and the like. We also have a high standard of professional quality control personnel, through the layers of testing to ensure product safety and quality.


Additionally, Kevin Food already passed the FSSC22000, KOSHER, HALAL and other national quality system certification.


Guangzhou Kevin Food Co., Ltd.(Headquarters)

Tel: 86-20-82960091


Add:No.19, Jinhui Road, Licheng Street, Zengcheng,  Guangzhou City

Salesman Contacts: Feeny Zhu

Salesman Tel:86-20-82960091

Salesman Phone: 86-13580390171




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