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Porject Customized

Yoghurt Pudding, Neutral Milk series

A customMengniu Dairy (Group) 


Custom successful products:Yoghurt Pudding, Neutral Milk series


In order to cater the needs of the customers, Kevin Food assist Mengniu Dairy to launch a new yoghurt pudding product. The excellent stabilizer not only ensured the smooth and fresh flavor of the fruit but also highlights the aroma of the milk. The product is very popular in the customers.















Guangzhou Kevin Food Co., Ltd.(Headquarters)

Tel: 86-20-82960091


Add:No.19, Jinhui Road, Licheng Street, Zengcheng,  Guangzhou City

Salesman Contacts: Feeny Zhu

Salesman Tel:86-20-82960091

Salesman Phone: 86-13580390171




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