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Kevin Food Co., Ltd. is the most competitive manufacturer of monoglyceride series products and Stabilizer systems, and is also a global professional distributor of high-quality additive.

Our innovative work, advanced production facilities and strict quality assurance system make us become most competitive producer of Monoglycerides products with better & consistent quality, greater cost efficiency and higher safety. Our hydrocolloids include :






Carrageenan is a wholly natural polysaccharide hydrophillc gum extracted from Rhodophyceae red seaweed. Our Carrageenan products occur in Specific water-binding, thickening, gelling, stabilizing , suspending and other properties.



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Kevin Food has set up the outstanding independent research & development production team, provided professional & technical one-to-one application services for customers, and regularly raise new product solutions to Guide the market trend.  We have invested special funds for research & development each year, and maintain a technology and products innovation.


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Guangzhou Kevin Food Co., Ltd.(Headquarters)

Tel: 86-20-82960091


Add:No.19, Jinhui Road, Licheng Street, Zengcheng,  Guangzhou City

Salesman Contacts: Feeny Zhu

Salesman Tel:86-20-82960091

Salesman Phone: 86-13580390171




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