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Konjac gum






Kevin Food Co., Ltd. is the most competitive manufacturer of monoglyceride series products and Stabilizer systems, and is also a global professional distributor of high-quality additive.

Our innovative work, advanced production facilities and strict quality assurance system make us become most competitive producer of Monoglycerides products with better & consistent quality, greater cost efficiency and higher safety. Our hydrocolloids include :



Konjac Gum







Konjac Gum products with water-binding, thickening, gelling, stabilizing and other properties for widely applications of sauce, ice cream, confectionary, Jelly, processed meat, yoghurt and other processed food, also as dietary fiber and filling agent for the applications of healthy food, dietary supplement , pet food and other industries .



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Kevin Food has set up the outstanding independent research & development production team, provided professional & technical one-to-one application services for customers, and regularly raise new product solutions to Guide the market trend.We have invested special funds for research & development each year, and maintain a technology and products innovation.  



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Guangzhou Kevin Food Co., Ltd.(Headquarters)

Tel: 86-20-82960091


Add:No.19, Jinhui Road, Licheng Street, Zengcheng,  Guangzhou City

Salesman Contacts: Feeny Zhu

Salesman Tel:86-20-82960091

Salesman Phone: 86-13580390171




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